About me

Hi, I’m Tan, a DevOps guy

  • I engineering, crave to be a valued contributor, I’m reliable! Like Reliability stand in SRE I’m always very excited to learn new things and can learn really fast
  • I can easily adapt to all the changes that are constantly coming
  • I’m interested in Piano, Books, Travel,…
  • My favorite quote from my favorite champion is: Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon

About my background


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Seoul, Korea

International Exchange

  • Being 1 of 4 students being nominated by Vietnam National University for a scholarship to Korea.
  • Interchange cultures & languages with 120 students come from everywhere on over the world.

University of Information Technology (UIT) - Vietnam National University - HCM

Information Systems Engineering

  • Participated in many sciences, English & society club
  • Received good recommendation letters from Lecturer
  • Received Top-10-faculty-excellent-student Study Encourage Scholarship


Name Level
HPC (Nvidia GPU, SuperPOD) Advanced
Cloud (AWS) Advanced
Linux Versed
Python, Bash, NodeJS,… Advanced
Terrform Advanced
K8s, Docker Versed
English Proficient


  • Achieved a scholarship as an exchange student to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Seoul, Korea
  • Achieved 2 awards in The 11th & 12th Annual International Microelectronics Olympiad (2016-2017) - by Synopsis, Inc. & Faculty of Computer Engineering
  • Achieved a Sunflower Mission Engineering & Technology Scholarship 2016 - by Sunflower
  • Achieved many extracurricular activity certifications


VinAI Research - VinGroup | Site Reliability Engineer | Aug 2020 - Present

Data Platform

  • Manage all infrastructure deployed on AWS and pilot by Kubernetes with SLA 99,9% availability
  • Manage reusable Infrastructure with Terraform modules
  • Deploy CI/CD (Jenkins, Gitlab CI), DevOps flow for more than 40 engineers
  • Lead SRE for the infrastructure team with 2 junior engineers
    AIOps / MLOps pipeline for Data Annotation Pipeline with more than 100 annotators
  • Techstack: AWS Beanstalk, Lambda, CloudFront, Cloudformation, EC2, S3, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Mongo Atlas, CI/CD,…

AI Platform - Nvidia HPC SuperPOD

  • Work with NVIDIA Corp., as a Technical Bridge Engineer to deploy 1-SU of SuperPOD with 20 DGX A100 nodes and 10 DGX-1 V100 nodes with the latest technology of NVIDIA (A100s, InfiniBand Network, DDN storage…)
  • Deploy a internal AI workload scheduler for more than 150 resident to run their AI jobs with Containerization tech (use K8s for V100 cluster, Slurm for SuperPOD cluster)

Cardano Blockchain - Community | Sr. Software Engineer| 2021

  • Cardano Project Catalyst is a series of experiments which seeks community innovation for Cardano blockchain.
  • Cardano Catalyst allowing the community to:
    • Self-determine priorities for growth.
    • Lets participants deploy funding to proposals
    • Tackle challenges & capitalize on opportunities (DeFi, DApps, OpenSource,…) in Cardano
      We’re a team: https://cardano2vn.io
      We do: Submit proposals -> Raise fund -> Realize project -> Deliver Cardano Ecosystem
  • Speaker:

ZaloPay - VNG Corporation | DevOps Engineer | Aug 2018 - Aug 2020

FPT Software HCMC | Software Engineer | Sept 2017 - June 2018

  • Developed ERP web applications using the Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Maven.
  • Designed and implemented responsive user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software products.
  • Wrote clean, efficient, and maintainable code to meet business requirements.
  • Conducted code reviews and provided feedback to ensure code quality and adherence to best practices.
  • Optimized application performance and scalability through proper database design and query optimization techniques.
  • Worked with Project Manager to understand and refine business requirements, and provided technical solutions and recommendations.
  • Troubleshot and resolved technical issues to ensure application uptime and reliability.
  • Technologies: Java (Spring Framework), Hibernate, Maven, Jquery, MySQL, HTML/CSS,…